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Easton and David are the artist duo behind HOLOMORPHIA!


Easton has identified as an artist as long as she has been alive. Her signature work is an ever evolving tapestry of vibrant hues, unconventional materials, and a relentless commitment to adding more rainbows into our everyday lives. Easton collects and remixes various artistic mediums including drawing, painting, photography, videography, sound design, mixed-media collage and sculpture, jewelry, stained glass, 3D printing, and digital art. 


Easton is a graduate of Lesley University, where she received an M.ED. in Community Art. Her thesis included the creation of art installation as third space for adults, and exploring the role of Play in wellness and community connection. Easton's ongoing research around Play and helping people discover their play personalities informs much of her artwork, along with her own experiences with neurodivergence, mental health, spirituality, and navigating the overwhelm of our shared experiences.

David is the force behind the computational and generative wizardry that Holomorphia has exhibited out in the world. David approaches art through the lens of complex digital tooling and helps Easton bring all of her wild ideas to life with technical know-how. 

Together, Holomorphia hopes to bring novel art experiences in unusual form to the world, infusing your everyday with wonder and awe.

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